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Copybook First

This HostBridge utility generates all of the elements to necessary to build a standard web service. All that is required is a COBOL copybook that describes the input and output.

Input and output copybooks are different?
Input/Output Copybook
Output Copybook

Information Required for Optional WSDL
Program Name Service Name
Service Address
Generate backward compatible V2 constructor?


Ah oh, something bad happened

The most likley cause of an error is a poorly formatted copybook. The copybook must be formatted just like it is for the COBOL compiler. Copybook statements must be between columns 6 and 72, inclusive.

Below is the actual error message, if it says something like "expecting: number88, number not88" then it is a badly formatted copybook. If you are receiving a different error or you can't make your copybook work, contact us via email at

Error Message: Your error